• BloodBros. Illustration - Sukia-web

    Final render

  • BloodBros. Illustration - 4082432-sukia46a (1)

    Original art by Emanuele Taglietti

  • BloodBros. Illustration - sukia type


This piece is an homage to Emanuele Taglietti, an incredible Italian artist who did the cover art for Sukia - an erotic  vampire comic that was published from '78-'86.

The purpose of this was to simply 'test' the concept against my style. I omitted the tree, as it seemed too busy for my style, I tried several attempts at keeping it in, but it never looked right. One of my favourite aspects of the originals is the type. I've simplified it a bit to get in line with my line work.

I tend to work in quite intense RGB, but for this one it didn't seem fitting, so I ps'd the mf. In photoshop I like to experiment, and decided to push my style a little - introducing a blur. Something I never do but here I feel I added to the depth I wanted to create.