After 5 years, BloodBros. will now be known as 'Kaiko.'

The name BloodBros. (inspired by an old arcade game) came about before I was a professional illustrator. I was creating cowboy themed screen prints, and aiming to start a collective, with the aforementioned name, that would sell arts and crafts at various London markets. 

As luck would have it I shifted from design to illustration. I didn't want my design and personal history to be showing up in Google search results, but also didn't have any new ideas for the name. So stuck with BloodBros.

As my style develops, I feel further and further away from BloodBros. (and cowboys). I've also moved to Japan, where the letter 'L' can cause confusion, and there's no easy way to translate the name.

Kaiko. The meaning depends on the kanji. The intention was 'nostalgia/retro'... but it can also mean silkworm.  I like them both.

Select clients
Apple, Bank of America, Cole Haan, Guardian/Observer, HBR, IBM, New York Times, RedBull, Seamless, Sunday Times.

Recent Awards and Press
2020: Judging panel for 3x3 Illustration awards
2020: GDUSA Winner
2020: The One Club Shortlist
2019: AI-AP Awards
2019: Digital Arts Write-up